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From September 2019 onwards, the secondary school a student attends has been determined by their primary school rather than the catchment area in which they live. For the latest feeder school information please check:

Educations makes every effort to ensure that the content of these catchment area maps is accurate and up to date. However, errors and omissions may occur and Education makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the material. The maps are for illustrative purposes only and meant as a guide to indicate the extent of the catchment areas for individual schools. Education reserves the right to amend catchment areas at any time and the granting of any out of catchment placements will be in line with the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture primary and secondary admissions policy. Before relying on this information, the user should contact Education to review the official records and confirm the data is accurate and current. For further information please contact Education Administration and Procurement Manager on tel. 733000.